The Most Honest Cryptocurrency Ever Invented

You think this is a joke? You might be right...

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Everything you ever wanted from a Cryptocurrency

and everything else you don't even care about

The Honest Coin Web Application

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The Honest Coin Mobile Wallet

Our innovative mobile Wallet supports Lightning Network technology and enhanced privacy using zero-knowledge proofs (zk-SHARKs). We have also managed to combine benefits from cold- and hot-wallet storage systems – we call it lukewarm-storage.


Zero-knowledge proofs have already proofed (pun intended) themselves in blockchain applications, we developed the next-generation of the popular zk-SNARKs approach, called zk-SHARKs. It's mostly the same, but the name is definitely more awesome.

Consensus / Security

Our consensus algorithm (Proof-of-Trust) is purely trust-based and does not require energy-consumptive mining. At the end of the day we are all honest people, aren‘t we? Also, we are secured against forks using our "Split Protection to Obtain Our Network-integrity" (SPOON) Technology.


Because we rely on a highly efficient and scalable consensus algorithm, we are able to handle 100'000 tx/sec. Yes, that is double the amount of VISA! The speed of a transaction is only limited by the time it takes you to press the button.


Obviously, you don't give a sh*t about whatever the coin can do. You want to see gains. We give you gains! We will send THC to the moon by paying McAfee $105'000.- to pump this coin after it hits exchanges.

Buy THC Tokens

The public sale is open now, don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

(sold out)

$0.0001 / THC
1 token sold
100'000x return possible*
$25k minimum investment
Post-ICO Investor Relations

(sold out)

$0.001 / THC
5 tokens sold
10'000x return possible*
$2.5k minimum investment
Post-ICO Investor Relations

Public Sale
(ends June 5th)

$0.01 / THC
10B tokens on sale now
1'000x return possible*
$0 minimum investment
Post-ICO Investor Relations
Invest now!


$100 / THC
25B tokens (Q1 2019)
We also call this the "Greater-Fool-Stage"
Do you want to invest more than $10M? Please contact us.
* No return guaranteed. Complete loss of funds expected.

Bonus Tokens

Early adopters will be granted bonus tokens during the public sale!
Be one of the first to invest and get rewarded with THC tokens for free, so we are basically paying you to pay us, how odd is that?!

It doesn't matter whether you contribute 100BTC or 0.000001BTC. Only one entry per person allowed.
* Based on the arbitrary retail price of $0.01 / THC token during the public sale.

Project Budget

Your money is in good hands.
Hard Cap:
USD 1'000'000'000
50% New Downtown Offices, Parties (incl. loads of champagne), iMacs
30% Lawyer Fees
25% Founding Team Salaries
20% Marketing Expenses
0.1% Product Development

Token Distribution

Roadmap 2018

What Experts Say About Us

"This is Satoshi’s original vision!"

Roger Ver
CEO of some website

“I've pumped many coins, but I will pump the sh*t out of this one”

John McAfee
Self-proclaimed crypto expert (and probably Satoshi)

"I love THC, I use it everyday. It makes my life so much better."

Random stoner on the street

"I need some THC in my life"

Someone in our Telegram Group

Meet The Team

Prof. Dr. Dr. Justin Sider
CEO / Founder
45 years of experience in investment banking, founder of 10 companies, blockchain enthusiast and investor since late 2017
Kevin Belanger
President / Co-CEO
We mainly got him on the team to attract more (desperately needed) women
Satoshi Nakomoto
COO / Co-co-CEO
Yes, that's right, Satoshi is part of the THC-team! Unfortunately, we cannot reveal his true identity as he is very shy. (hint: it is not Craig S. Wright)
Lead Designer
Proficiency in Microsoft Paint
Adil Deveil
Lead Marketer
Doesn't yet know what to do as Google, Facebook and Twitter prohibit ICO ads.
Devecilo Per
Lead Developer
The only one that actually works. Costs us just $300k/year.

Our Kickass Advisors

Vitalik Buterin
Founder of Ethereum
/ Fashionista
Vinny Lingham
Professional ICO-Advisor
Shark, Whale and Octopus
Alex Tapscott
Why was he considered an expert again?
Carlos Matos
Experienced Crypto Investor
/ Motivational Speaker
Andreas Antonopoulos
The real MVP
Grandma Alice
Grandma does not understand blockchain, heck, she does not even now how to send an e-mail, but she brings us cake sometimes

The Honest Coin Community

The Honest Coin is more than a useless ERC-20 token. It is intended to be an inspirational piece of art, a wake-up call / amplifying mirror for the ICO industry, and finally, a movement of blockchain enthusiasts fighting for the image of this exciting and disruptive technology. Every kind of participation is much appreciated, but here are three examples of ways you can get involved...
Join our Telegram group to participate in the discussion, help to improve The Honest Coin, or ask questions on the most honest ICO ever.
Fancy some free THC tokens? Join the biggest bounty program of all time with a bounty pool of 10B THC tokens worth $100'000'000!
Never miss out on any news, stories and announcements on The Honest Coin and help spread the word on the #nobullshitICO movement.